Who am I? In so many words:

Brainstormer, Entrepreneur and Visionary. Someone who has learned to harness the really good bits from great innovations and reapply or recombine them to create whole new concepts in social media and marketing. Someone who helps business owners see their business in a new light rather than mourning things that are no longer and who helps business owners to not only adapt to a new environment but benefit from it, by working less and earning more.

The road I took to get here was bumpy to say the very least. Lost dreams, hopes and disrupted personal lives dotted the way but became a bit like Hansel’s breadcrumbs. Little markers along the way that now, no longer painful, serve as lessons learned and reminders. Having learned not to mourn what could have been or what I thought should have been, but rather embracing and cherishing the good things that come along and learning from the low blows. Wait, not just learning from them….using them in my favour. Coming out better, stronger and most of all…smiling. That’s what I do and that’s what I teach.

My background is in marketing, predominantly small business marketing, to which I added interior design with an emphasis on kitchen design later mainly because of a passion I’ve always had and knowing that I had the confidence to sell myself and my ideas. I still love that field and it’s issues are very close to my heart, but I realise also that, while I am creative, my real talent lies in the business, marketing and branding side even in this arena. So if marketing and business consulting is where I belong that is where I shall stay.

www.businessvulf.com – business consulting for the interior design trade


– A community platform for interior designers and interior design enthusiasts


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